Far Cry 6 not in 4K Ultra HD on the PS5


After there was previously uncertainty about the graphics of Far Cry 6 on the next-gen consoles, Ubisoft has clarified some things. Far Cry 6 will only play on Xbox One X and Series X in 4K Ultra HD. Surprising, considering the game will also be released on PlayStation 5.

Check out Ubisoft’s tweet below.

The way of phrasing raised a lot of controversy earlier this week. Previous multiplatform titles have also received this wording in the past, but were subsequently provided with a Pro-enhanced label for the PlayStation 4 Pro. Whether or not something similar is planned for the sixth descendant in the open world shooter series is unknown.

The clarification of Ubisoft itself seems to indicate fairly that 4K Ultra HD can only be expected on the Xbox consoles. This makes some sense considering Microsoft’s console appears to be the more powerful of the two based on the specs. Sony, on the other hand, has a faster SSD that can push boundaries.

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