Facebook claims: The profile that threatened the prime minister is fake




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        <div class="post_main_pic"><img src="https://www.srugim.co.il/i/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/F200628OF26-scaled__w650h331q80.jpg" alt="Facebook claims: The profile that threatened Re"מ מזוייף" width="650" height="331" />  (Photo: Oliver Fitoussi  Flash 90)</p></div> <p>A day after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shared on Twitter a photo with a comment from a Facebook profile called "Dana Ron" inciting against him, Facebook management announced today that the account quoted was fake - and as a result was removed from the social network.</p> <div class="embed_post_container" id="475290">
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“An inspection conducted by our global teams abroad shows that the account in question is a fictitious account, and therefore it was immediately removed from the platform,” the website said in a statement. “Also the comment itself violates our policy around calling for violence, and therefore it was also removed along with the profile through which it was written.”

The prime minister tweeted yesterday that “yesterday the police arrested a man near the prime minister’s office who threatened to murder me and knives were found in his tool. Today I will file a complaint with the police against the incitement threat attached here, which calls for my murder.”

In the picture he showed the reaction of “Dana Ron”, in which it was said that “Bibi should only be taken down by force. Dictators move only with a bullet in the head.” A complaint was subsequently filed with the police against the owners of the profile.

The complaint was filed with the police

However, shortly after that one of the web surfers claimed that it was a fake account, after examining the profile from which the comment came. “Is this a ‘false flag’ exercise in which an activity is disguised to blame another party?” Surfer reporter Yishai Dorfman in a post that went viral.

He later presented the findings of his interrogation: “I found a fictitious figure without a picture. Something very interesting about her – she updated personal details twice at 02:08 and 02:09. What happened at that time? The attacks of the demonstrators in Tel Aviv have already made headlines and damaged Netanyahu. What else? About an hour earlier, Orly Bar-Lev interviewed Adv. Gonen Ben Yitzhak, and there the alleged call for murder was raised. ”

He added that “I went and checked a few more details about Dana Ron, whose name seemed too generic to me. It turns out that her profile has a different name, even more generic – Dana Levy.” In his remarks, he noted that the account was first activated several days after the election, and since then he has shared many posts that are all about defaming Netanyahu.

“For those unfamiliar with this field in digital, such fictional characters are called ‘Avatar’, and are used to falsify reality. But who is falsifying reality here – and why?” Dorfman asked in summary. “If there is a threat of murder here – the GSS must intervene and reveal to the public who is operating the profile. We will see what will be revealed here – a real threat of murder or Netanyahu’s political use of a threat of murder, through falsification of data. That fact must be taken into account. ”

Netanyahu’s aides said in response that “if this is an anonymous account run by elements calling for the assassination of the prime minister, then it is no less serious. “Ephraim Shamir, who called for the assassination of the prime minister, is not anonymous, as are other people who have been questioned by the police about wild incitement against the prime minister. It is a shame and disgrace that the media deals with covering incitement instead of condemning it sharply and clearly.”

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