Face masks mandatory in crowded public places, including The Leaf and station


The ministerial decree of July 24 asks the local authorities to determine the busy public places where oral masks are required. Acting Mayor Gunter Desmet adopted this list on 24 July by a mayor’s decision.

“Corona infections are increasing all over the country. In Ternat, 1 infection was diagnosed in the last week according to Sciensano’s figures. This is relatively low and we would like to keep it that way.

The municipality wishes to take appropriate measures to make further spread of the coronavirus more difficult. Appropriate measures without exaggeration. So we do not want to make oral masks mandatory in our municipality, as in some other municipalities. Only in really busy places or where people have contacts outside their own bubble for longer than fifteen minutes.

This brings us to the following list of places where from Saturday 25 July at 0 am the obligation applies to everyone over the age of twelve to wear a mouth mask:

  • on the full site (shops, car parks and roads) of The Leaf shopping center
  • in the Statiestraat near the station (zone from Assesteenweg to Lombeekweg, including the car parks on the station square and the NMBS car park at the station)
  • at events organized by the local government and in the various buildings of the local government Ternat
  • in all places of the Ternats territory where queues can form: car parks of shops and supermarkets, queues for shops and take-away shops, queues to drop off or pick up children following sports events, cultural initiatives, youth initiatives, childcare, schools, …

The federal government has already decided to require masks in many places, eg in the markets, in the public areas of public buildings and when moving around the catering business. These obligations naturally also apply.

“We will be taking initiatives in the coming days to further publicize this. It goes without saying that we call on our residents and visitors to continue to strictly apply all other rules to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, such as keeping a meter and a half away, washing hands and avoiding busy places as much as possible. ”

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