Fabrizio Corona, house party with five friends: but he is under house arrest. And the carabinieri arrive


The report came from a neighbor: half past one on Saturday night, Città Studi area in Milan, loud music from an apartment where a party was going on. And to the carabinieri the man on the phone also says who the apartment is: Fabrizio Corona, the former photographic agent ended up in prison for photo-blackmail and tax offenses and now under house arrest. When the carabinieri of the Radiomobile arrived at the scene the music had been turned off: but at the Corona house, in addition to the ex paparazzi king, there are five friends, two boys aged 22 and 29 and three girls between 20 and 23 years of age.


Fabrizio Corona warned by the court: he enters the personal trainer, “not respected social distancing for Covid-19”

In the Corona apartment he has lived since the end of March, his Instagram stories are full of videos of the training at home with his son: last December the Surveillance Court temporarily granted Corona the postponement of the sentence to allow him to be treated for psychiatric pathology from which you suffer.


Fabrizio Corona, the Cassation cancels the nine extra months of prison decided by the court of Milan

As early as April, in full lockdown, Corona had been warned by the court for having let a personal trainer (fined) enter the house despite the anti-Covid rules forbidding him, and the neighbor would have confirmed to the Radiomobile that the weekend parties they repeat often. It remains to be determined, however, whether among the prescriptions to be respected in the house arrest regime granted to Corona there is also a ban on hosting friends: it will now be up to the surveillance court to determine whether it has violated the rules, based on the police report.”He does not have the prescription of a ban on meeting any person except with convicted persons, and the people present were all uncensored,” Corona lawyer Ivano Chiesa told Ansa. “But where’s the problem?” Adds Church, saying he is “furious” at the story. “When he violated the rules on Covid he apologized, but now it doesn’t exist …. There were no shouts and even a whole patrol arrived.”

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