F1, the Styrian Grand Prix in Spielberg. Live-live


  • Second stage of this Formula 1 World Championship, the Red Bull Ring with the Styrian Grand Prix is ​​still the protagonist, after the debut last week with the Austrian GP.13:45

  • Qualifications characterized by the great rain that hit Spielberg, pole for Hamilton ahead of Verstappen with Sainz third and Bottas fourth. The Ferraris are bad: tenth Vettel, initially eleventh Leclerc who is however penalized by three positions for hindering Kvyat in Q2.13:49

  • The drivers enter the track to check the tightness of the cars and the track: departure at 3.10 pm.14:57

  • Recall that the circuit is 4318 meters long, with the race that will last 71 laps: the track record is of Raikkonen, of 2018.15:02

  • Compared to yesterday, excellent race conditions in Spielberg: sun shining, dry track.15:08

  • Warm up in progress, all ready for the start of this second stage of the Formula 1 World Championship, which is still taking place at the Red Bull Ring.15:10

  • PARTIES! Great start from Hamilton, Sainz to attack Verstappen. Contact between the two Ferraris!15:13

  • ROUND 1. Problems for both Leclerc and Vettel, yellow flag: the safety car enters.15:14

  • ROUND 2. WITHDRAWAL FOR VETTEL! The Ferrari driver, hit by teammate Leclerc, must bid farewell to the race.15:16

  • ROUND 3. Problems also for Leclerc, who is now in last position: also an investigation by the race judges for the Ferrari driver.15:18

  • ROUND 4. The safety car returns, the race starts again: Hamilton immediately tries to escape.15:18

  • ROUND 5. Russell exits the track, but he manages to recover the asphalt and return to the race.15:19

  • ROUND 6. WITHDRAWAL ALSO FOR LECLERC: the driver, in contact with Vettel, had hit the bottom on the curb: his car cannot continue the race.15:20

  • ROUND 7. Overtaking Bottas on Sainz: two Mercedes in the first three places.15:22

  • ROUND 8. Hamilton’s fastest lap, which however fails to detach Verstappen, two seconds away.15:23

  • ROUND 9. Fight between Perez and Norris for the tenth position, the two drivers are performing in the rear.15:25

  • ROUND 11. Ricciardo wants to try overtaking his team-mate Ocon, having more: the driver is waiting for indications from his team.15:27

  • ROUND 12. Despite Hamilton’s great pace, the English driver is unable to detach Verstappen, always less than three seconds away.15:28

  • ROUND 13. Sainz, after an excellent start, is struggling to keep the pace of the first: also overtaking Albon.15:29

  • ROUND 14. Perez now on Stroll’s attack, after he managed to pass a very combative Norris.15:31

  • ROUND 15. Hamilton manages to overcome the three seconds lead over Verstappen, meanwhile clarification in the pits between Vettel and Leclerc.15:32

  • ROUND 16. Stroll in search of overtaking on Gasly, attack race for the Racing Points.15:33

  • ROUND 18. Battle now between the two Renault, Ricciardo wants to pass Ocon who however believes he has a better pace than his partner.15:35

  • ROUND 19. The challenge between the two Renault is favoring Stroll who is recovering meters, very well the Racing Points.15:36

  • ROUND 20. Overtaking Ricciardo on Ocon, team orders to make room for the car that has more.15:37

  • ROUND 22. What a pace of Hamilton, the English driver is collecting fast laps managing to gain seconds on Verstappen.15:39

  • ROUND 23. Verstappen now has to start looking over his shoulder, with Bottas coming hard for second place.15:40

  • ROUND 25. RETURN TO VERSTAPPEN BOXES! The Red Bull driver enters by surprise, now he expects Mercedes’ reaction.15:43

  • ROUND 26. Both Hamilton and Bottas continue the race, Mercedes continuing with its race plan.15:43

  • ROUND 27. OCON RETREAT! The Renault driver returns to the pits and signals that his car cannot continue.15:45

  • ROUND 28. Hamilton returns to the pits, yellow tire for him. Bottas momentarily in first position.15:46

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