F1, GP Styria: Hamilton domain and Mercedes brace, Ferrari disaster, contact at via Leclerc-Vettel and both out


At the bottom, only the clash was missing, at Ferrari: and on the 1st lap of the Styrian Grand Prix, the 2nd of a more complicated season for Maranello arrived immediately: immediately after the start, in turn 3, Charles Leclerc started 14 ° sees a hole to the right of his partner, Sebastian Vettel (10 ° under the traffic lights), and tries to slip on. But there is no space: the Monegasque touches the curbs and bounces on the German’s rear, breaking the rear wing and damaging his front, as well as the bottom. Fatal damage for both: with the safety on the track to collect their debris, they enter the pits. But Vettel is immediately forced to retire, Leclerc tries to get back into the race but after a few laps (5th) he has to surrender to reality.

Victory number 85 for Hamilton

The reality is a Cavallino that falls in a late night while Mercedes celebrates as always: after Bottas a week ago, it is Lewis Hamilton’s turn to win his 85th race of his career and he does it from the pole won by the king of the rain: ” Thanks to the team, it is a bizarre year, nice to come back here to drive and be able to express ourselves at this level. We kept the car on the road avoiding the curbs. I am grateful to go back to winning, it seems to me it’s been a lot since the last time even though it was only a year ago “the words of the world champion, who on the podium after the performance of the hymn raises his clenched fist in solidarity for the fight against racial discrimination. Behind him, his partner, Bottas: “Yesterday was not an ideal day, but I managed to recover, I had a good fight with Verstappen”. The Dutchman, after the premature retirement 7 days ago, is 3rd: “But we are too slow, I pushed as much as possible when Valtteri wanted to overtake me, good fight with him, thank goodness, otherwise it would have been a boring race. But there is there is still a lot of work to do. “

Don’t tell Ferrari that, now, it can only emerge from this splash: with a car born from a wrong project and with a fatigued engine, thanks to luck and a miracle of the Monegasque, she managed to bring a car to the podium (2nd) a week ago. But this time, despite the updates brought in a hurry for the second race (front wing and new bottom) that did not work in the qualifications conditioned by the rain, it is even worse than expected.

Leclerc: “It’s all my fault”

Unlike a year ago in Brazil when the two reds started to beat themselves, eliminating themselves with a greater responsibility than Vettel, this time Leclerc is guilty of a risky, indeed wrong, maneuver. The Monegasque does not hold back, in fact: he waits for his companion to speak to him and apologize: “Yes, I apologized to Seb. I am always honest, today I was absolutely not good. I am disappointed in myself, I said at the beginning of the year that I did not want missed an opportunity. It was hard to do a performance like last Sunday, but it’s my fault, no excuses. I’m so sorry for the team who worked so hard to bring upgrades that didn’t take us where we wanted. There is no excuse, I had a lot want to do well, maybe too much. I saw a hole, I said to myself “I try”; I should have thought more. Today it’s completely my fault, I’m sorry “.

Vettel: “I wasn’t expecting Charles maneuver”

Vettel, who made another mistake a week ago by turning after a contact with Carlos Sainz who will replace him at the wheel of the red next year, this time is a victim: “I was fighting with two other cars, I was in turn 3. Charles has took the inside, I did not expect something to try there. Too bad something happened that we should have avoided. I could not have done anything, I tried to drive as conservatively as possible, then I found a damage to the car. I don’t think there was space to get in. We weren’t able to try the race pace, the car gave good sensations on Friday but then we went the wrong way in qualifying. With the updates I would have liked to do the race “.

Binotto: “To grow we must understand where the problem lies”

The whole team would have liked it, says team principal Mattia Binotto who tries to mend the wounds: “I think the responsibility for Charles’ mistake is quite obvious, but I think we must not look for culprits. It’s not about making accusations, it’s about to work in a very united way in Maranello, to improve the car as much as possible and not to start in the middle of the grid. I spoke to the drivers, there is no problem among them, Charles acknowledged the mistake, Seb is sorry. to all of us for what has happened “.
And it happened when we had to try to rebuild from what seem like big trouble: “In this phase of the season in which we are not competitive it is important to score points. The regret is for not having completed the race with both cars, not running, not having seen the car in dry conditions and not having compared it with that of last week. How to get back? It is not a trivial situation, the first thing to do is to understand the origin of the problem. You can only progress if one at the base understands where the problem lies. “

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