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After a long wait, the F1 world championship starts again. Free practice sees Hamilton once again at the topChronicle live FP1 GP Austria 2020

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After a long wait due to Covid, the engines start up again in Austria. F1 takes to the track for the first free practice of the season, of which you can follow every update with our direct. The final result still sees Hamilton ahead of everyone. F1 Hamilton Free Practice

The track stretches for 4318 meters and has 10 curves. The first and second sectors will reward a lot of power and aerodynamic penetration, while the third is very technical. Pay attention also to the overheating of the components, as you will race on the high ground. F1 Hamilton Free Practice

Live coverage of F1’s free practice 1


12:39 am: Here are the final results:

12:30 pm: Checkered flag! The two Mercedes close the session in command

12:26 pm: Racing Point very constant in the race pace. He is applying for an important role in 2020

12:25: Top 3 includes Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen. The Ferraris only 10 and 12, probably without seeking performance.

12:24 pm: Continue to turn Lewis, on race step simulation

12:21 pm: Here are the pictures

12:20 pm: Risk for Russell, with an Alpha Tauri turning in front of him.

12:18 pm: Problems for Max

12:16 pm: For now 7 km / h difference between Mercedes and Ferrari, in favor of the Germans on top speed

12:14 pm: Here is the ranking of times:

12:11: The top five: Hamilton, Bottas, Sainz, Perez, Norris

12:09 am: Piece of Reanult on the track!

12:05 pm: Here is the Alfa Romeo livery

12:03 am: Another white smoke for Sergio Perez! The Mexican returns to the pits

12:01 am: Meredes anti Covid measures

11:59 am: Hamilton also pushes, with a 1’04 ″ 968 on red tire. We are on the times of last year’s FP1.

11:58 am: Here is the discrepancy between Carlos and Lance

11:57 am: Bottas in front of everyone with red rubber (soft). 16 laps for the Finnish

11:55 am: Verstappen on the track with the new fund tested on the filming day

11:53 am: Perez and Stroll in front of everyone! Also problems between the Canadian and Sainz who complained about Lance

11:52 am: DAS in sight for Mercedes

11:50 am: First half for Daniel Ricciardo, followed by Stroll in second position.

11:49 am: Important news: Red Bull asks the FIA ​​for clarification on the Mercedes DAS.

11:47 am: Third time for the Racing Point of Perez

11:46 am: Let’s enjoy the black Mercedes livery!

11:45 am: In the meantime, a new helmet for Gasly F1 Hamilton Free Practice

11:43 am: Now Hamilton first, with Vettel in second position on yellow tire!

11:41 am: First half for Sainz’s Mclaren.

11:38 am: on yellow rubber Charles at 1 second and 6 from the summit

11:36 am: Smoked very similar to that of the tests for the Racing Point. Still problems at Mercedes?

11:35 am: Hamilton under the wall of 01/07 “. Perez on red rubber returns to the pits after a fuchsia in the second sector.

11:34 am: The number 44 goes to 23 thousandths from Bottas. For now the only ones with times are the two Mercedes and the two McLaren.

11:32 am: Hamilton on white rubber initials a 1’10 ″ 709. Still high times

11:29 am: Magnussen has to brake in the pit lane to avoid contact with Verstappen

11:27 am: Brake problems for Romain

11:25 am: News arrives that Mercedes has already used the DAS. For now it has not been seen on the onboard.

11:25 am: Charles says the track is still dry. Intermediates therefore slightly risky

11:24 am: Vettel on the track on intermediate wet tires

11:21 am: It starts to rain on the Austrian track

11:20 am: McLaren on yellow tires with Sainz, who is now back in the pits

11:15 am: On white (hard) tires Bottas marks the first half

11:12 am: Beautiful image of Charles on the track! Credits: @leclercnews

11:08 am: For now only installation laps, no timed time.

11:06 am: Hamilton also on the track, with his black Mercedes.

11:05 am:We lacked these images

11:03 am: Sainz’s first radio team: “Ohh, this is fast “. F1 missed everyone.

11:01 am: Already on track Haas, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault. The pilots are Sainz, Norris, Magnussen, Albon and Ricciardo

11:00 am: Green light, let’s go!

10:57 am: Many drivers are already inside the cars. Ready to take to the track

10:55 am: Here we are at the Red Bull Ring, ready to follow the first tests of the season! For now it is not raining, with some ray of sunshine that can be glimpsed.

The news will begin at 10:55

Mario Isola spoke on the microphones: “After a long forced stop we are extremely happy to be back on the track! The 2020 edition of the Austrian Grand Prix will be very special compared to the past, with special prevention measures for the Covid-19 emergency. Some of these were already in place in Melbourne, so from an operational point of view we already have experience in these conditions. The tires are exactly the same as last year, therefore the most important novelty could be the return to competitions after so long.

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