F1, Ferrari knocked out at GP Styria, Binotto: “Maybe mistakes behind the project”


The team principal of the red: “There is great regret, Charles admitted the error. We have to understand what we did wrong, perhaps the concept of the car itself. The most important thing was to score points”

After a black Saturday, for Ferrari an even worse Sunday with the Leclerc-Vettel bumper car which gave a double zero in the red’s points box. Team principal Mattia Binotto sees it this way: “It’s not about making accusations but working compactly, the dynamic has been very clear, in fact Leclerc has apologized to everyone.

The problem is that we cannot start from the bottom of the ranking, we must stay ahead. Charles acknowledged the mistake, both of our drivers are sorry, ending the weekend is not the right way. It was important to score points, especially in this moment where we are not brilliant in performance. The regret is not having completed the race, we practically did not race “.

“Wrong project”

Ferrari’s number one then goes into the technical merit of the issue: “Unfortunately we have not been able to make comparisons since last weekend, we don’t want to see two Ferraris stopped after just two laps. How to get out of it? Getting out of this situation is not trivial, meanwhile we must understand the origin of the problem, only in this way can we progress. It can also be a concept problem underlying the project, the important thing at the moment is to be open and analyze everything from every point of view “.

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