F1, Austrian GP: second free practice, still Mercedes dominance


Three Mercedes in front of Ferrari. The title after the first day of Austrian tests, four months after the only track test of 2020, contains a confirmation and a (half) surprise. Hamilton and Bottas, divided by one tenth, continue to dominate the scene, only the color of their cars changes: black, against all forms of racism. The fact that in third place is the Mercedes replica, intended as a Racing Point, fast and ready immediately with Perez behind the wheel. Something that gives rise to a controversy that arose at the dawn of this complicated year, when it became clear to anyone an excessive and suspicious similarity between the two cars. But we are at the inferences because the transfer of technical data between teams is forbidden but any possible infringement of the regulation must be demonstrated proofs in hand and here there are no proofs.

Ferrari: in difficulty as announced. Vettel – on his birthday number 33 – six tenths from Hamilton; Leclerc in just under a second, ninth after a single simulation lap, however, failed. It does not comfort the race pace which however seems discreet with hard tires. The fact that on the values ​​of this Ferrari there are several, starting with McLaren and Renault while Verstappen appeared nervous, Red Bull is very nervous. Max closed the first day of free practice in eighth place after two spins but we are convinced that it was simply a day of adjustment to be canceled in qualifying. Controversy continues over the Mercedes DAS, the system that allows you to vary the convergence by moving the wheel on the track, yet another negligible discussion pending the first GP of the season which will have a reply seven days later. Track, competition, finally. Also for this reason some more comforting data from Cavallino would be needed. Who risks leaving here surrounded by a number of opponents much more relevant than usual. It will not be easy: any correction on the car design will not arrive before the third race in Hungary.

July 3, 2020 (change July 3, 2020 | 4:59 pm)


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