Extraordinary competition, Gissi (Cisl School): “Questions in the height of summer. Inattention or harassment?”


Hard note of the CISL School on the applications for the extraordinary competition after the modification appeared in the Official Gazette on Friday 10 July. Maddalena Gissi, secretary of the trade union organization, does not mince words: “What was the hurry for this competition?”

“A hurry of which the reason is not understood, considering that the possibility of carrying out the bankruptcy procedure in good time for September has long since ceased; therefore there was no reason to superimpose further deadlines and tasks for a category of teachers – the temporary workers – who already have many others to attend to during this period. We want to think that it is an attention deficit, not a deliberate harassment of an apparently unloved category “, says Gissi.

Then he adds: “Shortly, the precarious teachers will be called to renew their school rankings: which, in some cases, means betting on their ability to teach (and therefore work) in the future two-year period, often having to move away also from the Region of residence, as as universally known, the available places are mainly concentrated in the central-northern part of the national territory. Among other things, teachers will be asked to fill in their own rankings with largely new rules, the result of an ordinance that also profoundly modifies the points evaluation tables and determines heavy penalties compared to the scores already acquired according to the previous system of evaluation. Was it really the case, therefore, to superimpose the terms of presentation of the rankings with the scheduling of the questions of the extraordinary competition? Obviously not only the IT system will pay the price, but what we are most interested in is also the precarious teaching staff “, continues Gissi.

“As if that were not enough, to participate in the extraordinary competition a participation fee of 50 euros per procedure will be required. In the first instance, the amount requested was 40 euros. It will be said: the costs of the competition must be covered. Nothing to object, except that to participate in the ordinary procedures the contribution is set at 10 euros (15 for the qualifying procedure only). To those who argue that in ordinary competitions, given the large participation, there is the possibility of sharing the costs on a large number of participants, while here the possible interested parties are only about 70,000, it is all too easy to answer that in ordinary competitions the tests they are 3 (plus the probable pre-selective test) while in this case the correction will only concern the tests. The hope, we repeat, is that it is only carelessness and superficiality “, concludes the secretary.

Extraordinary competition for the role: application from 11 July to 10 August. The complete guide

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