Extension of the state of emergency: «It is essential»


«We are facing an epochal event that will last for years. The extension of the state of emergency for coronavirus, anticipated and desired by Prime Minister Conte, “Is absolutely indispensable because we are still in a phase of worldwide growth of the pandemic and in this situation nobody can be safe. We need to continue to have that rapid reaction capability that the state of emergency has guaranteed to date ».

This is what he claims Walter Ricciardi, professor of public health at Cattolica and consultant to Minister Speranza in the press. “If for several regions the profile has worsened it is because the various indicators are temporarily affected by the ignition of several outbreaks simultaneously – he observes – if we stay at the current level we hold, if the actual outbreaks from 10 become 100 the situation risks getting out of control».

“Hot and high humidity levels hinder its spread, but alone are not enough to counter it, as evidenced by the explosion of contagions in hot countries – he says – I see a great general debris from us too, however. The Italians are regulating each other because if we continue like this we will lose the opportunity to drastically reduce the infections. Many regions that had to get out of the epidemic now are still in the fall. When the virus could spread more easily ».

To Italians who are about to go on vacation, Ricciardi advises «to respect the rules of hygiene and distancing first of all. But also to choose the safest means of transport. The Italian railways, for example, have done an excellent job of making their travelers safe. The same cannot be said of airlines. There is too much promiscuity in flight. So holidays in Italy, traveling by train or car ».