expatriate families in the hell of closed borders


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                As British Airways announces that it will resume flights to China on August 9 after a six-month hiatus, air traffic remains very disrupted due to restrictions due to the coronavirus epidemic and border closures imposed by countries , especially China.  What create very complicated situations, as for the wife of an executive of the Hyundai group who died in Shanghai and who is fighting to get his body.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Busan,<strong/></em><strong>Stephane Lagarde</strong>

Hong Heun-ah has been fighting for a Chinese visa for more than two weeks. The precious sesame was finally granted to him on Wednesday July 22 with two seats – something just as rare – in a plane due to take off Sunday 26 for Nanjing. Because even in an exceptional situation, in this case the death of her husband in charge of the Hyundai Lifts subsidiary in Shanghai, the borders in Asia are struggling to open.

« This situation is so oppressive that I find it hard to talk to you, she testifies, upset. It is as if I sent my son to military service and he died in the war. I am so angry… Before the coronavirus, you could not imagine such a thing. »

Media and Hyundai engagement

Unimaginable world after, become a terrible reality for separated families: Ms. Hong had to mobilize the media and shake up her husband’s business to get her to leave, but under the conditions imposed by China. “ My heart is going to explode, really. We pay our taxes, we do everything right, but in the end we are abandoned, she continues. My sister cannot accompany us, I go with my daughter. My husband is in a cold room. After quarantine when we arrive, we will try to bring him back to Korea. »

Ms. Hong would like to have her husband officially died of heart failure on July 7 in Shanghai for an autopsy. Korean companies are expected to increase their links with China in August and switch to around 20 flights per week. But to make the post-coronavirus losses profitable, South Korean airlines are selling their seats to the highest bidder and agencies in China have preempted tickets for Chinese returning from Europe or America at high prices. Thursday July 23, a charter of small Korean traders was able to take off for Canton.


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