exiled in London, pro-democracy activist Nathan Law denounces “direct and autocratic control exercised by China”


In this context, the Hong Kong pro-democracy activist invited by France Inter, called on France to “do more” for human rights.

“There is direct, autocratic control exercised by China and this goes against Hong Kong’s self-determination”, denounced Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Nathan Law, Monday July 20 on France Inter. Exiled in London for a week, he also said “hope” that France can “to do more and that it can say very clearly that the cause of human rights will not be abandoned in favor of trade.”

“We must, with other countries, put China in front of its responsibilities”said Nathan Law, a leader of the Demosisto political party, which announced its dissolution shortly after the Chinese parliament passed controversial national security legislation. “There is a secret pharmacy in Hong Kong which has effectively taken over the authority of the Hong Kong government, and under national security law, the Hong Kong authorities are out of place.”, said the young 27-year-old activist, who explains that he is in London while moving “permanently” and by doing “very careful of the places” where he is “to stay safe”.

Beijing on June 30 promulgated a draconian national security law imposed on Hong Kong to suppress “subversion, secession, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces”, in response to the protest movement targeting the central power since last year. Nathan Law says activists stayed in Hong Kong “are in very grave danger” : “They could face life sentences, he explains. The national security law is very loosely written, very broad, which means that pro-democracy activists can be imprisoned if the government decides. “

We will continue to fight for the support of the whole world, and I will fight for Hong Kong no matter what the cost.Nathan Law, pro-democracy activist from Hong Kong, exiled in Londonat France Inter

Less than 24 hours after the law came into force, the police made the first arrests in Hong Kong under this law. “Because of this national security law, it is very difficult to plead our progressive cause because we can be imprisoned for years, explique Nathan Law. And so for me, leaving Hong Kong was a strategic choice to be able to carry my cause on the international level “, explained Nathan Law, while ensuring that he used “legal means” to escape Hong Kong.

“I have hope, but in the short term, the future looks very bleak. We have to be firmer towards China. I hope that one day Hong Kong will be free and democratic.”, concluded the activist.

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