Excused amnesty, the siege of Count on the Simplification decree


Altolà di Pd, Renziani and Leu to the new building amnesty and the norm, defended by With you and Minister Dadone, is removed from the simplification decree. But the new hires requested by Dario Franceschini at Mibact are also missing, in addition to those provided for in article 19 paragraph 6, or direct-term executive positions. The climate warms up, discussing office abuse and tax damage and we must update ourselves at 12 today for a new meeting. Yesterday was a day to find the lost balance, starting with the provision that the prime minister would like to bring to the CDM this week to demonstrate the vitality of his government, but which is likely to turn into yet another area of ​​internal dispute.

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Simplifications, excerpts excused and stop hiring in the Public Administration

Conte, in the middle of the frontal clash between the Democratic Party and the M5S on the Mes, tries to knot the threads of the majority by bringing together around Palazzo Chigi not only the heads of delegation but also the representatives of the groups of its allied parties. For the government, the holder of the MEF Roberto Gualtieri and the minister for PA Dadone, the undersecretary for the presidency of the Council Riccardo Fraccaro are present. To represent the government allies, in addition to the delegation leaders Alfonso Bonafede, Franceschini, Roberto Speranza and Teresa Bellanova, the deputy secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando, the head of Innovation Dem Marianna Madia, the group leaders of Iv Maria Elena Boschi were seen arriving at Palazzo Chigi and Davide Faraone, the group leader of Misto Loredana De Petris. A gesture, beyond the simplification dossier object of the summit, with which Conte probably also wants to respond to those who accuse him, since the States General, of deciding all by himself.

In the background there is always the Mes, but Conte takes time. For this reason too, the Monday blitz of the Democratic Party, explains a source of the Movement, did nothing but “harden the trench of the M5S”. “The first calls from the dem to our MPs arrive to probe us in the event of a short circuit in the majority”, says a pentastellate source. Yet, silently, some glimpse in the M5S on the Mes could open.

It will also depend on how Conte resolves some burning dossiers, starting with Autostrade. «If we vote for the pro-Mes resolution of Più Europa? Let’s see first which will be the majority …. »replies the leader of the Senate sibylline Davide Faraone, among the participants of the summit of Palazzo Chigi.

Summit that aims to make the square on the many nodes of the simplification dl, starting, in fact, from pardon building. “If it can generate even the misunderstanding of a amnesty, it is right to remove it,” Bonafede cuts to the table. It is no coincidence that the Minister of the Environment Sergio Costa in the afternoon foresaw: “I notice strong improvements in the text”.

«The norm was proposed by the territories and in particular by Bonaccini», is the version that gives Palazzo Chigi in the evening, «and was conveyed by the public function. Conte discussed and explained the rationale of the forecast, and contested that it is a question of amnesty in the strict sense since the penal and administrative sanctions remain confirmed but only proposed to avoid the irrational conclusion that a building would have to be demolished because it was built not in compliance with the urban planning legislation of the time, but rebuilt in the exact same way because it fully complies with the urban planning legislation that occurred later ». In the end, however, precisely, the excerpt comes “so as to concentrate the forecasts only on simplification in the strict sense”. The text is expected to be launched at the next CDM this week. But the road is uphill.


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