Exciting: The singer who lost his father in the corona wave in a clip in his memory • Watch


Alongside the song, Issachar asked to share with the members the following moving text, which is a kind of obituary for his righteous father:
“At the height of Rosh Hashanah prayers, we bring up the common memory of all of us, the memory of our holy fathers for their love and devotion, we plead with Rabshakeh – remember, and the shrine upon us from the graces of previous generations, the imprint they left and the impression they left on the world will last forever.”

Rabbi Yitzchak Dror’s father created in his life an aura of holiness, the sanctity of the Torah, the poetry of his life, the words and pages that filled his days and nights, the power of his prayer, and the effect of pure purity that radiated from him, this aura was happiness that radiated from him during observance, tangible enthusiasm When choosing four species, building a sukkah or giving charity, the generosity and lack of selfishness that surrounded him, his willingness to devote of himself – time, strength and resources – to the good of others, it was the burning longing that gripped him to build the temple, anytime, Faith and holiness are taken from us in a flash, one of many kinds that have fallen and all we have left are the memories, pictures, echoes, written impressions of the Torah… Each of them creates traces that connect us to the enterprise of his life, each stands as a pillar of memory, each creates rights .

In his last days, R. Yitzchak was alone, imprisoned within the walls of the hospital without family and friends or even medical caregivers, only the angels stood by him, this song also deals with those last days – who will face the world and know what to say… Who knew, now or ever ? Who saw? Only one, I know the Lord of the world will never forget, he remembers everything. There is no forgetfulness in front of him R. Yitzchak, who sings by the Gemara continues to live and study Torah as ever, remember the binding of Yitzchak, the days when he was confined to his bed, without the ability to cry for help,
His last breaths whisper words of Psalms… Fragments of a sudden prayer hovering overhead, to heaven, where it will become a precious song, impressions, hope and longing as well as the pure, pure and eternal faith continue to live here, in this gesture.

Please remember, Lord. And have mercy on us. “

Musical production: Itzi Waldner
Video production: Aaron Orian

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