Examination Examined: The research delegation took off for India for a series of studies


The first in the world. The Israeli delegation, shared by the Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs and Health, took off today (Sunday) from Ben Gurion Airport, on two Israir planes, which is its first flight to India. The delegation is expected to land in Delhi, India, tomorrow morning.

The delegation consists of about 20 experts in various fields from the Ministry of Defense, the IDF, the Ministry of Health and the partner partners in the development of technologies.

The unique cooperation between Israel and India will allow the delegation to collect tens of thousands of samples in just ten days and transfer them for decoding in computer systems based on artificial intelligence. This massive sampling will make it possible to shorten processes and promote the approval of technologies. The joint activity received in advance all the required approvals in India and Israel.

The two planes to India were loaded, at the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with also groundbreaking Israeli technologies for the fight against Corona and the soul machines exported to India with exceptional approval.

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