Events in Turin | on 4th and 5th July


With the opening of museums, castles and historic houses and the start of outdoor events, the weekends of Turin are gradually returning to normal. Concerts, theater performances and open-air cinema screenings, not to mention the numerous events outside the city, allow you to spend a few hours of leisure, always in compliance with the anti-contagion safety rules. And then, for the more sporty, there is always the possibility of walks and excursions in nature …

Theaters, concerts and shows

In Turin Summer Plays continues and this weekend the appointment is with “Lucido” by Rafael Spregelburd. At the Palazzina di Caccia in Stupinigi there is an opera and musical scene at the court with “My fair ladies … and gentleman”. The “Gran Paradiso dal vivo” theatrical show in nature goes on in the province: this week the appointment is with “Myths of stars” at Alpette and “Cammin doing ti tale” in Ribordone. The long-awaited Evergreen Fest finally starts at the Treasury Park; in the external area of ​​the Circolo Violeta Parra of Beinasco the “Ossigeno Festival” ends while the open-air music festival begins in the courtyard of the Malgrà Castle in Rivarolo Canavese. At the Nichelino Open Factory, Buzzy Lao + Fusaro on stage, the new levers of indie live.

Outdoor cinema

In Pinerolo there is Cinema in the square and at the park of Miradolo Castle summer cinema kicks off this weekend. At the Open Factory in Nichelino there is the exhibition “We are open” with “Ice on fire”; “Cinema under the stars” in Giaveno and the projection “We are the children of Monce” at the former Moncenisio workshops in Condove. At the arena of Castello di Rivoli, “Pestifera”, the review on pandemics. For the little ones, a surprise appointment this weekend from Barrito, Casa del Quartiere Millefonti, where “Millefiabe Millefonti Cartoons” begins.

Castles and historical houses

This weekend the state museums of Piedmont return to the public and in Turin and the province they reopen for visits to Villa della Regina, Palazzo Carignano, Moncalieri Castle and Agliè Castle again. Also noteworthy is the reopening of the archaeological area in Corso Galileo Ferraris in Turin and the Royal Museums, that of the Ducal Garden and the Boschetto. Taking advantage of a trip out of town, you can also visit the Fenestrelle Fort, the Masino Castle, the Pralormo Castle, Casa Lajolo and the Sacra di San Michele.

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Festivals and markets

The Bread Festival is scheduled in Ronco Canavese, the antiques market in Bussoleno and the Patron Saint is celebrated in Ivrea: for San Savino there are many events scheduled, always in compliance with anti-covid safety standards.

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