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Hezbollah convoy Photo by Amir Shoshani (17)
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In an incident on the northern border, at least three Hezbollah terrorists tried to infiltrate Israeli territory – and failed.

According to an IDF spokesman, IDF observers identified the terrorists and called forces to the scene – who opened fire on them. The terrorists fled to Lebanese territory. The terrorists tried to hit a military tank and were surprised by the ambush.

The IDF Spokesman emphasized that there were no casualties to our forces.

Preliminary specifications of the incident indicate that the terrorist cell penetrated a few meters beyond the blue line into the sovereign territory of the State of Israel.

“The observers identified the squad, and the terrorists were under observation and fire throughout the incident,” said IDF Spokesman Brigadier General Hedi Zilberman.

IDF forces opened fire on the terrorists, including firing on machine guns, machine guns, tanks, and masking the area using artillery smoke.

The squad fled to Lebanese territory. At this stage, the condition of the terrorists is not known for sure.

“The incident is taking place,” the IDF spokesman added, “complex and tense days are ahead of us, we continue to act to defend the decree.”

The Lebanese Al-Mayadin channel had earlier claimed that the IDF had attacked a Hezbollah squad that was trying to infiltrate Israel and at the same time fire a missile at an Israeli military vehicle.

The terrorist cell reportedly escaped after attempting to carry out the shooting, failed and then attempted to carry out further firing at IDF forces.

After the incident, the IDF attacked targets inside Lebanon with aircraft, cannons and tanks.

Al-Jazeera reported that IDF shells were fired at Kfar Shuba in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah’s al-Manar channel later reported that shelling from the Israeli side towards southern Lebanon had stopped.

The terrorist organization Hezbollah claimed that “there was no shooting or confrontation on their part” – but only on the part of Israel, and denied that terrorists had entered Israeli territory.

Hezbollah further claimed that everything reported in the Israeli media about thwarting the infiltration operation from Lebanon is “completely false, an attempt to invent victories and illusions.”

Hezbollah stated that no exchange of fire took place, and that it was only one side that was “the frightened, worried and tense enemy.”

It was further argued that the response to the killing of the terrorist in the attack attributed to Israel in Syria would reach: “The Zionists must wait for punishment.”

In response, a security source clarified: “The entire incident is documented, Hezbollah’s squad on Mount Dov was armed.”

A statement issued by Hezbollah-affiliated media reads: “It seems that the state of fear experienced by the Zionist occupation army and its settlements on the Lebanese border, the high alert and the fear of Hezbollah’s actual response to its crimes, which led to the killing of Brother Ali Kamel Mahsan.

The Home Front Command has announced that it has decided to remove the restrictions and open the arteries to civilian traffic – residents can return to full routine.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz received reports during the faction meetings they attended.

Due to the incident, the defense minister interrupted the faction’s meeting for an urgent consultation with Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi.

Immediately afterwards, the prime minister interrupted the Likud faction’s meeting and went out for security consultations – saying: “We are in a difficult security event.”

The prime minister then left for the Kirya in Tel Aviv, where he convened a security discussion in his office upon his arrival. The Minister of Defense also arrived at the campus.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at noon in the Knesset: “We are constantly monitoring what is happening on our northern border. When I say ‘we’, it’s me, the defense minister, the chief of staff – all of us together.

“Our policy is clear. First, we do not allow Iran to establish a military base on our border with Syria. This is a policy I set years ago, we consistently adhere to it.

“Second, Lebanon and Hezbollah will be responsible for any attack that comes out of Lebanon against us. Third, the IDF is prepared for any scenario. We work in all arenas for Israel’s security – close to our borders and far from our borders. ”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz responded to the incident.

The two sent a threatening message to Hezbollah, that if they violate Israel’s sovereignty and try to carry out another attack – the response will be difficult and powerful.

Netanyahu said: “Israel will continue to act against Iran’s attempts to establish a military base in our region. Nasrallah is complicating the Lebanese state – because of Iran. Today, a Hezbollah squad entered Israeli territory. With good operational preparation by the forces on the ground, and by the commanders, the IDF thwarted this attempt.

“We see the attempt to infiltrate our territory with great severity. “Hezbollah and the State of Lebanon bear full responsibility for this incident, and for any attack that may emerge from Lebanon against the State of Israel.”

He added: “Hezbollah needs to know that it is playing with fire. Any attack against us will be answered with great force. Nasrallah has already made a big mistake in assessing Israel’s determination to defend itself, and the Lebanese state has paid a heavy price for this. I suggest he do not repeat this mistake. ”

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz said: “Israeli citizens, a squad of Hezbollah terrorists entered Israeli territory today in an attempt to harm IDF soldiers.” IDF fighters and their commanders acted with great professionalism and precision, preventing a difficult incident that could have claimed human lives.

“Israel is more determined than ever to prevent harm to its sovereignty or its soldiers, and certainly to its citizens. Lebanon and Syria are sovereign states and will bear the painful responsibility for any terrorist act that takes place on their territory.

Anyone who dares to test the strength of the IDF will endanger himself and the country from which he operates. Any action against the State of Israel will lead to a powerful, sharp and painful response.

I want to say clearly – the IDF is ready to respond, the IDF is ready to respond. The State of Israel, the defense establishment and the IDF will continue to operate wherever required, near or far.

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