Euronics launches a flyer dedicated to iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max: here are the discounts


Euronics today launched a new flyer dedicated exclusively to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 gigabytes. Until July 12, in fact, it will be possible to buy the two smartphones at reduced prices compared to the list prices offered by the Cupertino company.

On 256 gigabyte iPhone 11 Pro Max a price reduction of 4.11% is proposed and is available at 1399 Euros, compared to 1459 Euros. The device is available in Silver, Space Gray and Gold colors. The 64 gigabyte model, also of iPhone 11 Pro Maxinstead, it is proposed at 1189 Euros, for a saving of 1189 Euros, equal to 7.76% if compared with the 1289 Euros of the American company. Also in this case we find all the available colors.

Moving on to iPhone 11 Proinstead, the model with 64 gigabytes of storage can be purchased for 1089 Euros, 100 Euros less from the 1189 Euros list, while 256 gigabyte iPhone 11 Pro it is available at 1299 Euros, for a saving of 4.42%, equal to 60 Euros if one takes into account the 1359 Euros set by Apple.

Delivery is not free, and requires 11 Euros. Euronics also guarantees in-store pickup and free used pickup.

The complete list of the iPhone 11 Pro on offer is available on the dedicated page.

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