Eur Magliana-Villa Bonelli cableway, archaeological surveys have started: 30 million ready


It is one of the so-called “invariant works” of the PUMS. The Eur-Magliana Villa Bonelli cable car represents one of the infrastructures intended for sustainable mobility on which the Capitoline administration seems to focus more.

The quadrant concerned

“It will serve to improve the connections between the airport and the Eur area for the benefit also of the residents and workers of the Portuense and Magliana neighborhoods, who will be served by the stations of Villa Bonelli and Certaldo” said Sindaca Raggi, announced that “they are preliminary investigations have begun to carry it out ”.

There are three cable cars that the administration has included in the Urban Sustainable Mobility Plan. The one that crosses the southern quadrant of the city will allow you to look at the Tiber river, to put a metro station in communication with a railway station. That of Villa Bonelli, where vehicles from Fiumicino airport transit.


The infrastructure involves the construction of two cabins, each with 140 seats, which, traveling at around 35 meters in height, will allow you to connect the two banks of the Tiber in three minutes. The estimated transportation capacity, with a departure every 3/4 minutes, is about 2200 passengers per hour. According to Roma Metropolitane the work, suitably connected with the cycle path that runs along the river, could take on “not only a transport function” but could also have “the role of a real gateway to the Tiber, constituting a significant tourist attraction “.

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Times and funds

“The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport has already allocated 30 million euros for the realization of our project”, said Mayor Raggi, who kept to clarify that “these first investigations are useful to have precise estimates of the times and costs of the works to avoid unnecessary waste. ” According to the schedule reported by Roma Metropolitane, the estimated realization times are 14 months.

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