Escalation in the north: Terrorists tried to infiltrate, were identified and fled


Residents of the northern border settlements were instructed by the Home Front Command to return to a full civilian routine

According to reports, the IDF succeeded in disrupting an attempt to infiltrate the Gladiola outpost on Mount Dov. As far as is known everyone was killed. There are no casualties among IDF forces. After hitting the squad – masking fire to prevent anti-tank fire.

An incident of thwarting an attack. Three or four terrorists cross the blue line and enter Israeli territory. Observers identify the terrorists and open fire. The terrorists are fleeing to Lebanese territory.
An IDF spokesman emphasizes that there are no casualties to our forces. We have complex days ahead

Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Bnei Gantz on their way to the Kirya in Tel Aviv, where a security discussion and assessment of the situation with the heads of the defense establishment will enter.

According to Lebanese sources, the Reuters news agency reports that Hezbollah’s action is a response to the killing of its operative by Israel, according to our correspondent Baruch Yedid.

Political factor: The incident is currently under control, but there is concern that it is only a trailer for further action.

According to reports in the Al-Miyadin network close to Hezbollah, a Cornet missile was fired at an Israeli tank, and a Hezbollah cell infiltrated Israel. Al-Miyadin also reports the downing of an Israeli skimmer.

The incident took place near the Shebaa farm on Mount Dov, near the localities of Ajar, Dan, and Maayan Baruch.

The Minister of Defense talks with the Chief of Staff about the developments

The IDF issued special instructions to residents of the border area with Lebanon, following the incident. The residents are required to stay in homes, and all activities in the open space are prohibited. The deputies in the area are blocked.

Shortly before the incident, Prime Minister Netanyahu addressed tensions in the north. At the beginning of the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said: “We are constantly monitoring what is happening on our northern border.” “Our policy is clear, we will not allow Iran to establish a military base on our border with Syria. Secondly – Lebanon and Hezbollah will be responsible for any attack that comes out of Lebanese territory against us, thirdly – the IDF is prepared for any scenario.”

Residents of the localities now required to stay in their homes:

Avivim, Ibn Menachem, Adamit, Ayalon, Beit Hillel, Betzet, Baram, Goren, Granot Hagalil, Dovev, Dishon, Dan, Dafna, HaGoshrim, Zarit, Hanita, Yaara, Yiftach, Yaron, Kfar Giladi, Kfar Yuval, Kfar Szold, Lyman, Metula, Malkia, Menara, Maayan Baruch, Matzuva, Margaliot, Misgav Am, Matat, Neve Ativ, Netua, Ajar, Arab al Aramsha, Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Hanikra, Ramot Naftali, Shear Yashuv, Shomera, Shlomi , Snir and Shtula.

The scene of the incident

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