Erdogan disappointed with lack of fuss over Hagia Sophia NOW


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In this podcast we are going to talk about a very charged reopening in Istanbul. The doors of Hagia Sophia will open again on Friday as a mosque and then specifically for Friday prayers.

The structure with the enormous dome and its four minarets was originally built as a Greek Orthodox church. When the Ottoman Empire conquered the city of Constantinople, modern-day Istanbul, in 1453, Hagia Sophia became a mosque. In 1934 the structure became a museum. Today, Hagia Sophia is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

At the beginning of July we already made a podcast about whether the Hagia Sophia may become a mosque again. Two weeks ago, the highest court in the country received the green light.

Why was a change needed or desired? We ask that to Turkey connoisseur Nick Augusteijn.

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