Erase it, it’s a Chinese malware


While TikTok continues to attract an increasing number of users also due to the anti-Covid-19 lockdown measures, the reputation of the app is being questioned by an increasingly large pool of people. The latest to have exposed themselves by openly criticizing the Chinese-originated app are the hackers of Anonymous, which in a Tweet published in the past few hours have warmly not recommended to install and use the app: “Cancel TikTok at the same time” urged one of the group’s accounts “And if you know someone who uses it, explain to him that it is nothing more than malware in the hands of the Chinese government, intent on a colossal mass surveillance operation “.

As always with Anonymous hackers, it is difficult to attribute the authorship of the tweet to the entire community of hackers, since by its very constitution it is not an organization with a top but a decentralized group. The account that spread the chirping has however become over time one of the most followed rumors in reference to the activities of Anonymous, which is why there is reason to believe that the position taken is at least shared by a large group of members of the group.

For its part, the tweet was published in response to content that refers to a further story: the discovery – by an independent developer – of some suspicious features internal to TikTok. The story had ended up in the spotlight a few days ago: on the one hand TikTok was accused of tracking users and collecting their data very precisely; on the other, the charges have not yet been proven.

It is definitely not the first time that TikTok has been accused of intrusiveness towards privacy of users. The developer ByteDance has always responded to the accusations by denying any charge, but its Chinese origin has fueled fears of countries like the United States and more recently India, worried that the data collected may end up in the hands of the local government. Those who expect concrete action by Anonymous against TikTok, however, could wait in vain: that of the group for the moment should be considered a simple stance on an app and a topic that they have been discussing online for months.

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