Eran Levy: Shlomi Dora in an interview talks about the Hapoel Afula connection


Hapoel Afula has made an amazing comeback since returning from the corona lag. When she was on the safe path to League One, she finished the season with four straight wins. Hapoel Ashkelon has already been relegated and Bnei Lod could not finish the pair of games left in the league following the team’s entry into isolation after one of the players contracted in Corona, and as a result, yesterday (Tuesday) Afula and Lod met for a special battle over the entire box office.

Lod was relegated to the first division, but Afula has not yet secured its stay in the national team. On Sunday she will meet Hapoel Marmorek for the test match for the place in the sub-league next season, and she will have to complete the work against the team from Rehovot. Afula coach, Shlomi Dora, Was interviewed today for the 103FM sports program and talked about his star Eran Levy, who was great with goal and cooking, about Marmorek and Reuven Atar, the coach of the newly relegated Lod.

About Eran Levy who was great even though he played with an injury: “He is in a good time. He made three assists against Hapoel Petah Tikva and scored a spectacular goal against Hapoel Nof Hagalil. In the first workout we went back to the grass he tensed the twin muscle very strongly and it worried us a lot. He did an intensive series of treatments this week and they managed to prepare him for the game against Lod. ”

Shlomi Dora | Udi quote

Will he be eligible for Marmorek: “We are once again entering an intensive series of treatments. He will return to practice on Saturday night with us and we will make decisions in the concluding training, as we did before the game against Lod. It remains to be seen whether it would be better for him to start with the team or on the bench. ”

Opinion on Marmorek: “We analyzed their game against Hapoel as a star. They have experienced players and some players who have been in the national league, like Avi Ivgi, Naor Peser, Stav Nasikovsky, Diego Nikolaevsky and Ido Exbard. They have a not bad team at all, it was built at the beginning of the season to go up to the national team. In one given game, anything can happen and I hope we will continue the excellent momentum we are in. ”

In his opinion, can Eran Levy return to the Premier League: “It’s a matter of believing in the player. If you really believe in him then yes. I don’t know if he can play full games for an entire season, but a place in the Premier League he definitely has with what he has on his feet. There is no doubt that he is one of the most talented in the country, both in terms of kicking, both in terms of watching a game and giving it in the locker room. Is definitely a miss. If after he had left Maccabi Netanya they would have taken him a little more seriously he would have continued to be a leading player in the Premier League. I am sure that if you ask Eran, he is sorry that he left Netanya. ”

Eran Levy, Idan Leiba
Eran Levy, Idan Leiba | Udi quote

“In the second division he is the X Factor,” Dora continued. “It must not be forgotten that when he left Netanya, he was at the peak of his career. He did not play enough in Beitar Jerusalem and deteriorated. It took him a while to get back to playing after signing for Hapoel Umm al-Fahm. Only recently has he gotten back to business and now he is reaping the rewards because he is fit and playing in sequence. Anyone who does not play in a row – his fitness is impaired. “If he prepares properly with a team and trains at Premier League levels, there is no doubt that he can play there.”

For never relegating a league and yesterday he faced a game he had never played before: “It’s not to go down from the Premier League to the National League, it’s from the National League to the First League. It has tremendous significance. Whatever the reasons for such a thing, write down in your resume that you have been relegated. Understanding my character as a coach and athlete it more faxes me and focuses me. It also requires explaining yourself better to the players. I had some extras yesterday, also in terms of thinking about how to get on the field and who to leave on the bench. Such games go with you for the rest of your career. Games with meaning are the most fun games that can be. I hope to experience this in the future with top teams as well and not just bottom teams. ”

If they stay in the league, they will not have time to prepare because the Toto Cup starts next week: “I do not know what will happen on Monday morning if we stay in the league. There are a number of players who are keeping me youthful and waiting to see if we stay in the league and see if I might be able to bring them to Afula. I do not make any plans before the game against Lod, but I am signed for next season. ”

What he said to Reuven Atar after the descent: “Before the game we had a little ‘small talk’ with a lot of meaning, and we said how we got to a situation where it was either me or him. We both know each other well and have a very good relationship, just like family. There was nothing on the grass, I did not talk to him. “Before we went home, I signaled to him with my hand, ‘It’s not pleasant and painful, but I prefer to be on this side – the comforting side.’

Reuven Atar
Reuven Atar | Maor Alexelsi

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