«Epochal event that will last for years, in Italy I see a general breakdown»


Walter Ricciardi, Professor of Public Health of Cattolica and consultant to Minister Speranza, invites to have great attention in front of Covid-19, “epochal” virus. “We need to continue – he underlines – to have that rapid reaction capability that the state of emergency has guaranteed to date. Someone perhaps has not yet understood it but we are facing an epochal event that will last for years. The extension is absolutely essential because we are still in a phase of global growth of the pandemic and in this situation no one can say that he is safe. Not even those like us have partially solved the problems ».

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And on the fact that summer was to be the enemy of the precise virus. “Hot and high humidity prevent its spread – says Ricciardi to” La Stampa “- but on their own they are not enough to counter it, as shown by the explosion of contagions in hot countries. I see a great general outreach also from us though. The Italians are regulating themselves because if we continue like this we will lose the opportunity to drastically reduce the infections, which instead remain constant. Many regions that had to get out of the epidemic now are still in the fall. When the virus could spread more easily ». Ricciardi then gives some advice to the Italians who are preparing to go on vacation: “Respect the rules of hygiene and distancing above all. But also choose the safest means of transport. The Italian railways – he adds – for example have done an excellent job of making their travelers safe. The same cannot be said of airlines. There is too much promiscuity in flight. So holidays in Italy, traveling by train or car ».

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