Epke Zonderland thought: ‘Later my daughter will not do gymnastics’ | Sport


Asked about his experiences with mental and physical abuse in the gymnastics world, about which there has been a lot to do in recent days, the 2012 Olympic champion said, among other things: “I have also sometimes thought: I do not have to do my daughter on gymnastics . The women’s regime was strict in the past, which I thought was too intense. I think differently now. The way it is now is fine, I think. ”

According to Zonderland (34), there used to be a lot of shouting in the gym, where men and women often trained together. “There was also a lot of focus on the weight of the ladies. It was stricter than the men and there were certainly things that were not good. With us it was all a bit more open-minded and relaxed. ”

According to the multiple world champion from Friesland, the situation in top gymnastics for women has improved. Fortunately, the image has now been adjusted. That should also come to the fore. That it should not work in a hard way, where there is no room for emotions, discussions and not talking to each other. That must be the message. ”

Zonderland has one son, named Bert.

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