Epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme applauds curfew in Antwerp: “Very important for controlling infectious diseases”


Significantly more coronavirus infections are detected in Antwerp. “We have to be very honest about this: Antwerp is a red zone,” says Van Damme.

He supports the decision to introduce a curfew. “It is a very clear measure with hours,” he explains. “It also has to do with the closing time that has been brought to 11 pm. People will then leave the catering establishments, otherwise they will gather or stay on the street.” Due to the curfew, everyone will have to be home at 11:30 PM.

“Otherwise you will no longer get that beautiful bubble, but the bubbles will come very close together. That gives transmission – at that hour for sure – and that is what you do not want,” says Van Damme. “If you say at that time that it is 11.30 pm and people from the catering industry are sent home and end up in their little bubble, that is very important for infectious disease control.”

Watch the interview with Pierre Van Damme in “Terzake” below and read on below the video clip:

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