Epidemiologist Orie about COVID-19 in Suriname: “We are in a critical phase”


“We all want the number of cases to decrease, but it is up to us. If we stick to the COVID-19 measures, it should work. ” With this message, epidemiologist Radjesh Orie tries to urge citizens to take their responsibility in the fight against COVID-19. He made this call yesterday at the COVID-19 press conference. 35 positive cases were added yesterday. In Paramaribo alone, 19 people were tested positive. The 24th corona death is also noted. Furthermore, 35 people were declared cured of this virus yesterday.

The doctor further said that reports of infections are increasing. It has been found that the origin of these infections can be linked to shops, shops, large or small companies. There is an increase in the number of cases. The average number of new infections on a daily basis has gone from around 50 to above 70, the epidemiologist said.

According to him, reports come from everywhere and it is unclear whether the increase is in North or South. “You see leaks to nearby resorts. We also see a shift to the Wanica district. We are in a critical phase. If we continue like this, we will have so many cases that we may have the situations as in French Guiana, ”said Dr. Orie. In the meantime, the partial lockdown is in effect in Suriname until 10 August. No one is allowed to take to the streets from 9:00 PM to 5:00 AM, provided the person is part of the essential service.


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