“Enough imprudences, Covid dies”


A new appeal to the citizens of Salerno and of Campania, especially to young people, so that responsibility and prudence prevail when, above all, they go out in groups and go to the nightlife. To launch it is the governor Enzo De Luca which, this morning, started the works for the arrangement of the churchyard of the Church of Santa Maria a Mare in the Mercatello district.

The school and arrivals from abroad

De Luca speaks across the board: “We are heading towards the beginning of the school year. We need to be careful to make sure the school picks up safely. The virus problem will not disappear until there is a vaccine. So give us a hand: use of the mask as much as possible, hand washing, prudent behavior, if we want to have months of great serenity in front of us “. As for the tourists from others countries, the governor is worried: “The state must be more aware of the dangers that multiply when we open up Italy to all the other countries in the world. The list of countries to which entry must be prohibited is missing United States of America and ofAmerica Latina, where we have a still dangerous level of infection. We have to be careful. ”

The “dressing-down“To the kids of the nightlife

Urged by journalists, De Luca focused on the behavior of the nightlife boys: “Young people need to know that people die from Coronavirus. We are underestimating this fact. We begin to have infections not only in the youth bracket from 15 years of age ‘, but also serious health problems with people hospitalized in intensive care. They tell me that there are some youth groups that continue, as in old habits, to even exchange glasses when they drink a beer or alcohol. These are idiotic and masochistic behaviors. Of course, you have to have fun in summer, but protecting one’s health, that is one’s life. I say this especially to those who have Senior citizens e children in home. On the same line as the governor, the mayor Vincenzo Napoli who warns: “There are gathering phenomena that occur especially on weekends and that concern the younger ones. I would not like to be forced to resort to coercive actions, to fence or to close again. We must make sure that the young and the very young – all citizens – realize that the virus emergency is lessened but not overcome. Those who imagine that everything is resolved and that the “old life” can now be led are in serious error: they endanger their own health and that of others. Few, simple precepts: scrupulous cleaning of the hands, use of the mask when there is a multitude, distance and fun content. I realize that young people are exuberant, but exuberance must be remodeled in light of the risks involved.

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The contagions in the Carmine district

Naples has returned to reassure the inhabitants: “We had two infections in the Carmine district. There was natural concern but everything is under control. For the lady who works in the bank, the entire network of contacts was defined and the bar decided to close for prudential purposes. It is not possible to imagine outbreaks in the Carmine district but this gives the idea of ​​what happens if panic takes over and lucidity is lost. We must be rational: the institutions must provide but also the parents make an effort of conviction and moral push ”. De Luca also spoke on the matter: “We keep our feet on the ground, but the right news is given. Because if we have a positive under control and panic breaks out we are equally irresponsible. The important thing is to always wear the mask in the shops and also when talking closely. ”

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