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After a labor dispute of more than two years, a special collective agreement was signed yesterday (Sunday) for the employees of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The agreement was signed by Itai Ben-Zeev, CEO of the TASE, Gershon Gelman, Chairman of the Histadrut in the Tel Aviv-Yafo area, and Larry Shipman, Chairman of the TASE Employees’ Committee.

About a year ago, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange became a for-profit company, and as part of the conflict, the workers demanded compensation for the issue, but were unable to reach it during the negotiations. However, according to the agreement they signed, the employees will be granted a one-time annual grant for the years 2017-2019, in the amount of one salary per year. At the request of the committee, the grants for 2017 and 2018 will be paid, in a uniform and non-differential manner.

In addition, a procedure was established for staffing shifts of computer operators on the stock exchange. The committee and the management will continue to discuss how to implement automation processes in the operators’ room in order to streamline and ensure the execution of quality control in the stock exchange’s computer systems. Also, the flexible clock arrangements that apply to any of the employees, will continue to exist.

The main points of the agreement between the Stock Exchange Employees’ Committee and the management

  • Employees will receive a one-time annual grant for the years 2017-2019 in the amount of one salary per year.
  • At the request of the committee, the grants for the years 2017-2018 will be paid in a uniform and non-differential manner.
  • The shift staffing procedure was arranged. The flexible clock arrangements applicable to employees will continue to exist.
  • Management will examine the possibility of applying operational leasing in accordance with existing arrangements in the economy.
  • Further discussions on a 10-year long-term collective agreement are expected.
  • The employees did not receive the compensation for the offering as they requested.

The chairman of the Histadrut, Arnon Bar-David, said: “The road to signing this agreement was full of bumps, but I am happy and thank all the partners in the negotiations for being able to reach a respectful and worthy agreement. We are at a time when we must all work for the recovery of the Israeli economy, while protecting the workers. ”

Gershon Gelman, chairman of the Histadrut in the Tel Aviv-Yafo area, said: “This agreement. There is an understanding between me and the CEO of the TASE, to start negotiations on a collective agreement for a decade ahead, with a safety net for the TASE employees – and for the management’s willingness to act in this way, I welcome.”

The chairman of the stock exchange workers’ committee, Larry Shipman, said: “As everyone knows, there were many disputes between the parties around the dispute and they reached a solution. We believe that the only way to resolve disputes is through a sincere, open and respectful dialogue, and indeed in this way things have been resolved in the end. “

Negotiating partners: On behalf of the Histadrut: Gershon Gelman, Chairman of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Region, and Adv. Guy Rotenberg from the Trade Union Division in the region; From the Adi Kaplan Law Office; on behalf of the employees’ representatives: Committee Chairman Larry Shipman, Committee Members Rivka Sadeh and Yossi Ben-Simon, and attorneys Bnei Cohen and Keren Kotes Amitai from the Bnei Cohen Law Office.

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