Employees of the Wehkamp headquarters in Zwolle will be leaving work in the coming days


The employees of the headquarters of Wehkamp in Zwolle are going to strike in the coming days. The web shop was given two hours by the FNV union until Monday afternoon to come up with a better social plan for the 82 employees who lose their jobs during a reorganization. The two sides have not reached an agreement.

Because there is no agreement yet, the employees of the distribution center in Maurik have already left work. The staff in Zwolle announces that they will leave their work ten o’clock tomorrow morning.

The union expects that suppliers of Wehkamp, ​​such as BCC and Beter Bed, will also be affected by the work stoppages. “We would have preferred to prevent this, but the people at Wehkamp are really fed up. More and more colleagues are now joining FNV and participating in the strike,” said FNV director Ali Aklalouch.

Earlier negotiations

The union negotiated a social plan with Wehkamp three times, and turned down the store’s final offer last Thursday. The British owner of Wehkamp, ​​the investment company Apax Partners, wants to close and sell the distribution center in Maurik in Gelderland. The reorganization will also affect the head office and partly the distribution center in Zwolle.

FNV wants a good severance payment for everyone who loses their job. The union also wants more money for guidance to other work and for training, so that redundant employees are more likely to return to work.

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