Ellie Lust and twin sister fell in love with the same woman


Ellie and Marja both had a hard time standing out for their orientation. When Ellie asked her twin sister if she had one crush had a woman they both knew, the monkey quickly turned up. “Then I said no,” explains Marja. “And you said, ‘But I do.” Then I came back a day later. ”

According to the two, it is ‘a very characteristic difference’ with identical twins that they make a different ‘partner choice’. “Except for that very first time. Then we fell in love with the same girl.” It soon became apparent that Ellie was already in a relationship with this person.

Ellie and Marja also tell what it was like to say it to their parents. Ellie then decided to ‘just wait’ for their parents to die. Marja recognizes her sister’s fear: “I immediately pushed the thought away and decided never to tell it.” About the final moment, she says, “I also remember saying that she was disappointed that she had two daughters who were” like this. ” Ellie and Marja grew up in a conservative family.

Ellie has been fighting anti-gay violence for years and made a documentary about it. In the video below she tells all about it.

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