Ellen DeGeneres apologizes for ‘toxic work culture’ on set | NOW


Ellen DeGeneres personally apologized to her staff for the threatening atmosphere of work, which some of the staff experienced on the set of her talk show.

“I told everyone on the first day of my show The Ellen DeGeneres Show a place full of joy “, the 62-year-old presenter writes in a letter to her staff, which is owned by Variety.

“No one should ever have to raise their voices and everyone would be treated with respect. … I’m very sorry for those who haven’t experienced it that way.”

According to DeGeneres, something “clearly” went wrong on her set. “I am very disappointed. … The talk show bears my name and I take full responsibility for it.”

On the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show there is or has been systematic racism and intimidation. Entertainment site BuzzFeed spoke to several current and former employees of the show who spoke out about a “toxic work culture” with the program.

DeGeneres trusted its producers

The comedienne says that she trusted her colleagues on the set and was not involved in the disorders herself. “Because we have grown so fast, I relied on others to do their work just as I would. It didn’t happen.”

DeGeneres confirms last Monday’s news that an internal investigation has begun into the situation on the set of her popular talk show. “I am committed to ensuring that it never happens again.”

The talk show’s executive producer, Ed Glavin, is said to Variety immediately put on the street.


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