Elections in Marseille, Alain Delon passes left with the new mayor


Borsalino and its Marseille pass to the left. After 84 years of life between De Gaulle, Giscard and Jean-Marie Le Pen, Alain Delon decided to abandon the right and take sides with the queen of the northern districts of Marseille, Samia Ghali, representative of the popular classes and decisive support from the ecologist Michle Rubirola that yesterday became mayor. After 25 years of right-wing rule, the city of Borsalino chooses alternation. My support goes to this woman of action, I offer her all my trust in the choices she has to make on the occasion of the vote for the mayor, Alain Delon wrote in a statement sent to the France Presse agency.

Yesterday was the decisive day for driving the second city of France. In the second round of the municipal elections, last Sunday, the ecologist candidate of the civic list Printemps Marseillais, Michle Rubirola, arrived in the lead with the 39 percent of the vote and 42 councilors, many but not enough to have an absolute majority in the city council (101). In Marseille the electoral system therefore provides a third round, in which political forces must agree to elect the mayor. On Friday, Rubirola’s chances seemed to waver because the right of the Rpublicains was regrouping and the Lepenist candidate of the Rassemblement national, Stphane Ravier, has proposed an alliance to bar the way to the left. Samia Ghali has become the needle of the balance: winner of its sector in the northern districts with 2.89% of the votes, the daughter of Algerian immigrants he had the nine advisers needed to give the majority to Rubirola and Printemps Marseillais.

On the eve of the decisive vote, arrived the surprising support of Alain Delon: I know that Samia Ghali puts all her energy into the service of Marseille, a city so dear to my heart, where I have made many films. In the afternoon, Ghali converged his nine vows towards Michle Rubirola, who arrived thus 51 seats and become mayor tearing the city to the right after the long and controversial reign of Jean-Claude Gaudin. Delon’s support for Ghali and therefore for the new unexpected leftist coalition. A little bit because the icon of French cinema had become even more reserved and distant after the stroke that hit him a year ago. And especially because Delon, the interpreter of Roch Siffredi (hence the stage name of the Italian pornstar Rocco Tano) in the film Borsalino paired with Jean-Paul Belmondo, as well as agent Fabio Montale in the Marseilles trilogy of Jean-Claude Izzo, always been a man of (sometimes extreme) right.

Supporter of Charles de Gaulle, then of Valry Giscard d’Estaing against the socialist Franois Mitterrand, then of Alain Jupp, Nicolas Sarkozy, Franois Fillon for whom he voted in the first round of the 2017 presidential election, Alain Delon in the past he flaunted respect for Jean-Marie Le Pen: The far right, however right. And gather a few million French people, we must not underestimate their opinion. I have points of agreement and disagreement with Jean-Marie Le Pen but a longtime friend and I’m a great sympathizer. Point. Delon’s passion for Le Pen (also Marine and Marion Marchal) a few years ago sparked the protests of his son Anthony – he had better shoot films like Clint Eastwood rather than improvise himself a political scientist – to which his father replied without lengthening: He would be better off staying Shut up. With the blessing of the strange couple Alain Delon-Samia Ghali, Michle Rubirola now promises the Marseillais: To move the mountains.

July 4, 2020 (change July 4, 2020 | 5:28 PM)


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