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Chang Sho-Er and his wife Wan Ji are the elderly owners of a laundromat in Taichung, Taiwan. You would not immediately think trendsetters, but nothing could be further from the truth. The old people have become fashion icons on Instagram during the corona crisis.

Like many other cities, Taichung in Taiwan also went into lockdown during the corona crisis. Because 83-year-old Chang Sho-Er and his 84-year-old wife Wan Ji, who have run a laundromat in the city for decades, were bored to death during that time, their grandson Reef Chang thought there was no better way to style his grandparents in clothes that was never picked up by customers again.

“It is no longer so busy in their business,” the grandson said in an interview with BBC. “Sometimes they were just snoozing and they had lost their courage. So then – considering we just have those clothes lying around – I wanted to remind my grandma and grandpa that life can be fun even when you’re that old. In addition, some customers may also recognize a certain piece and can still come and pick it up. ”

And so grandson Reef started taking pictures of his grandparents in the leftover clothes and decided to share those pictures on an Instagram account. There they pose in tailored suits and training jackets or with a fisherman’s hat on their heads. Although the Instagram page is only a few weeks old, it already has more than 450,000 followers.

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