Edelstein welcomed the appointment of Prof. Gamzo as Projector Corona


Edelstein welcomed Gamzo’s appointment: “Taking the good ones to take control of the disease”
In the video: The Minister of Health refers to the appointment of Prof. Roni Gamzo as the Corona Projector (Photo: Gili Meisler)
Health Minister Yuli Edelstein welcomed the appointment of Prof. Roni Gamzo, CEO of Ichilov Hospital, as the project manager responsible for stopping the corona virus. The doctor. “We take the good ones to take over the curve and do everything we can to fight this damn virus.”

During the tour, he addressed the need for the functioning of the health system alongside the efforts to stop morbidity in Corona in Israel, which demanded the appointment of a project manager in the field. “It is quite clear that the health system has a lot of tasks beyond Corona and we want to allow the system to continue to operate,” he said.

Edelstein made the decision to appoint Prof. Gamzo along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during the night.
This, after Prof. Gabi Barbash resigned last night amid a dispute over powers between him and the Ministry of Health.

In the past, Gamzo served as director general of the Ministry of Health, in addition to various managerial positions in the health system. Among other things, he served as director of the national program for digital health in the Ministry of Health And mothers’ protection of the elderly from the virus. He also held a senior position in the OECD Health Division. Gamzo is also a member of the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Public Health at Tel Aviv University, and a full professor in the Faculty of Management.

In a Facebook post published this morning by Ichilov Hospital on behalf of Prof. Gamzo, it was written that the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health contacted him about the position, after the appointment of Prof. Barbash was unsuccessful. “I immediately responded in the affirmative,” Prof. Gamzo noted. “This was also the case the previous time in early April that I was asked to help manage the crisis in nursing homes.”

“This is a medical, economic and social crisis,” Prof. Gamzo continued. “I do not ask questions in such a situation – it just comes, contributes everything and helps my country and the health system in managing the crisis. The challenges are enormous; restoring public confidence in leading the treatment of the epidemic, smart balance between reducing infection and continuing life, improving public response and enforcement The chain of infection and the continued strengthening of the medical system. ”

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