Edelstein: The conduct of the Corona Committee will bring us to a complete closure


After the Knesset committee did not approve the closure of the restaurants and while the increase in the number of verified patients continues, Health Minister Yuli Eldstein is currently holding a briefing for journalists during his visit to the corona ward at Rambam Hospital.

In his opening remarks, with the corona ward in which patients are severely ill imitated behind him, the minister said, “This is the reality in which the medical staffs have been living for years, but especially in recent months. Therefore, it is a place to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” Seeing the teams here behind us with protection in difficult conditions, taking care of simulated patients here, but unfortunately two floors above the real difficult patients, reminding us all that each of us who wants to be a hero and not follow the guidelines and say ‘you will not tell me what to do’, puts the teams These are for even more pressure and more working hours and even more difficulty in dealing with them. ”

After yesterday the Minister of Health reached an agreement with the Minister of Finance on a significant increase in manpower for the Ministry of Health, he said that “Yesterday, we agreed with the Ministry of Finance to absorb 400 new doctors, who will be absorbed immediately. The health system has been starved for years, and we are beginning to stabilize the system. That we are so fond of comparing to them. ”

On the difficulties posed by the Corona committee in the Knesset in approving the restrictions demanded by the government, the minister said: “I do not know what causes the optimism of people talking about a slowdown in the rate of infection. The numbers are high and alarming, we have difficulty passing even minimal restrictions “I understand the feeling of the citizens who feel confused. This is not due to the decisions of the Ministry of Health but to inaccuracies in the reports, struggles that are developing in the government and the Knesset. I want to say simply: the conduct of the Corona Committee will inevitably bring us to a complete closure.”

He added that “when every industry starts a difficult struggle, it will eventually degrade us all. My heart goes out to all the victims and businessmen. They must receive very significant assistance from the state. But if we want any reason for optimism, we should all mobilize to lower infection rates. We will help staff in hospitals and the community care for fewer patients, and we will be able to reach manageable numbers, and live a proper corona routine. ”

On the decision not to close the restaurants, the minister said “when people eat together, around the same table and without masks, infection occurs. Childish demands to bring accurate data for infection in gyms and restaurants come from people who have no idea what epidemiological investigations are. Our recommendations are based on international data. “And the best knowledge we have. It’s unfortunate that a populist discourse is developing around these issues.”

MK Yulia Malinowski (Yisrael Beiteinu) responded to the health minister’s accusations, saying: “The Israeli government will stop looking for culprits in their criminal conduct and will start focusing on dealing with the crisis in both the health and its socio-economic aspects.”

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