Edelstein: Juicy gossip that is not true


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Health Minister Yuli Edelstein rejects reports that he is preventing the appointment of Professor Gabi Barbash to the Corona Projector and says that this is “gossip.”

Earlier, it was reported that Barbash had received an offer from the Prime Minister’s Office to accept the position, but a number of media outlets reported that Edelstein was working for the appointment of Major General Amir Abulafia while Netanyahu wanted Barbash in the position.

Bringing to the Government a Framework Decision for Approving Grants to Israeli Citizens, Netanyahu (Credit: Video: Itai Beit-On, Sound: Nir Sharaf, GPO)

“Contrary to reports, the health minister is not waging any struggle over the identity of the projector,” Edelstein’s office said. “We understand the desire to spice up news with juicy gossip, it’s just a pity it is simply not true. Minister Edelstein examines the most suitable candidates for the position.”

Earlier it was announced that Prof. Gabi Barbash had been appointed corona projector, just a few days after General Abulafia’s name was mentioned as a leading candidate for the post.

Barbash, 70, was the director of Ichilov Hospital from 1993 to 2015, with a three-year break in the middle of which he served as director general of the Ministry of Health.

Since his retirement, Barbash has served as the director of a private disease management company and also works at the Weizmann Institute.

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In recent months, Barbash has been most identified with the war on the Corona virus, and has served as a commentator at News 12’s main news studio.

At the moment, the appointment has not yet been closed and it is estimated that Brush and Abulafia will serve together in the position.

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