Eagle catches shark? No, but the osprey video is viral. VIDEO


In the area of ​​Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, an osprey has caught a large mackerel right under the gaze of those who were sunbathing on the beach. To shoot the scene, later published by Storyful, a woman who shot the video from the 17th floor of the building where she was on vacation
At first glance it may look like an eagle or a condor catching a shark, and this is what some users believed for a few hours after watching the video. In reality, however, it is a large osprey that takes in its claws an equally large mackerel. However, the denial about the extent of the protagonists did not prevent the images, which were then spread by Storyful, from becoming viral.

“So I captured the scene”

The incident happened on June 22 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Ashley White, a woman who was on the 17th floor of her apartment where she was spending her holidays, was filming the scene. “It was my mother who made me notice the big bird, I was listening to music with my mobile phone and so I immediately turned on the camera to shoot the scene,” he explained.

The solution to the misunderstanding

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Instead, Ed Piotrowski, an expert meteorologist who shared the images published by Ashley White on Facebook, resolved the misunderstanding, writing then how some people believed that the bird of prey in question was a condor and not a hawk and that its prey was even a great white shark. The Natural Resources Department of South Carolina then pointed out that both species, osprey and mackerel, are two absolutely common animals in the area.

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