E3 News about tiny Nintendo Direct, Xbox Showcase & GTA V


After this E3 Journal we have one more edition to go. After all, there has to come to an end somewhere. The GKE3 does not last all year. Although many gamers would like that. And who knows, it may be a little bit because we assume at Gamekings that we will regularly experience live streams and online announcements in the coming months. Firstly because the Corona virus is still there and secondly because the results of all those new activations seem to have worked out quite well. Anyway, two more episodes to go and today is immediately unique because it contains news from and about Nintendo. They did a Nintendo Direct Mini.

Is the Nintendo Direct Mini a keeper?

JJ has viewed the Nintendo Direct Mini. Which was no big deal, as it was a little over eight minutes long. So really mini. But small can be nice. was that also the case with this Direct? Were many promising games shown or was this an experiment that they should put away again? JJ tells you. Most oen are of course focused on the Xbox Games Showcase that we are going to watch next Thursday. Does JJ have some last minute info? Have any statements been made in interviews that could indicate anything? Press that Play button and you know it …

Would GTA V be in stores immediately at launch next gen consoles?

Of course there is always something ordinary news. For example about Spider-Man Miles Morales and The Outer Worlds. Two games that can charm both of us. And GTA V for the PS5 soon seems to be in the preoder phase. Will that be a launch game? So Thursday the last edition of the E3 Journaal. And after that, we’ll just come up with something new.

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