Dybala, three goals after the coronavirus


GENOA – Dybala has his groundhog day, or his groundhog goal. Since the world started again and football consequently, the same thing has always happened to him: at a certain point, a ball happens to him at the edge of the area, he checks it, he guards it, he hips a little and then he passes it on his foot left, with which he gives her a rolled shot that makes her turn with evil precision in the far corner of the door. It happened in Bologna, he relapsed with Lecce and then again with Genoa.Twice out of three, his left-handed shot unlocked the result, undoing stark situations in which Juventus risked being taken prisoner. This, however, is a trend: of the ten goals scored in this league by the Argentine, seven arrived on the result of 0-0. Dybala is therefore an excellent breakout, he is the perfect man to get out of stagnations: he is an attacker who is not in the area, but has shots that not even a narrow marking (not that of Masiello and Sturaro in Marassi, so to speak) can cushion . Whether the game is successful or not depends not on the defender but on Dybala, who lives in a state of grace ten days. Or on a very sweet groundhog day.
Dybala was the most famous footballer to get coronavirus. The disease also hit him hard: his muscles were broken with pain, he tried to get up he fell on the bed with fatigue, at night he woke up and trembled from the cold even if it wasn’t cold. In addition to him, his fiancée Oriana, a close friend of his who lives with them and acts as his factotum, and the lady who takes care of household chores and for whom Paulo has been seriously worried, has also been infected, since he has more sixty years old. In the end, everything went well, even though he took 45 days to officially get out of the disease and even if there were uncertainties about his ability to recover quickly and well in view of the competitive activity: there was no medical-scientific evidence on which to base, no one knew what consequences an organism attacked by Covid 19 could suffer and therefore Dybala resumed training, after a session of medical visits that lasted four hours, with more than one doubt within himself.Instead, his body’s responses have been good, the reaction to the first efforts acceptable and the fears have vanished, even if the Argentine physically is not yet the top, it happens that he is out of breath. But as far as the ball is concerned, the amplitude of its breathing is irrelevant.

Dybala had also solved Juve-Inter before the lockdown, with another magic, albeit of a different nature: that time he scored inside the area ringing three precious points, stop, fake and touch. It means that in the championship he is at the fourth consecutive goal, as if the deserted and silent stadiums were his ideal stage: for four years he had not had this performance, at least in terms of construction, but on the other hand, since Ronaldo arrived he has suffered a marginalization process that was about to complete last summer, with all attempts by Paratici to sell it. Instead he remained by his obstinate will, almost out of spite. He started from reserve, conquered space slowly, Sarri found him a position on the field that does not damage him too much and now these marmot goals have arrived that are marking the championship. Maybe they are also deciding.

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