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The Spanish coach, Yaiza Martin, gained wide fame in her country, after overcoming the difficulties during the stages of her life, starting from the traffic accident that she was at at the age of 16, and caused her to sit in a wheelchair, through a period of arduous rehabilitation, and work in the Spanish army Driving a cargo truck before Dubai fulfilled her dream of becoming a soccer coach.

The Spanish newspaper “El Correira” published part of the inspiring story of coach Yaeza Martin, as a drunk driver ran over her as she crossed the road from the pedestrian path when she was 16 years old, to stop overnight from running behind football and scoring goals, and become a wheelchair , After she was diagnosed with a spinal cord swelling and damage to the cervix.

During the recovery journey, Martin suffered from her friends ignoring her because of their shyness of going out with her, but that was a motivation to continue the diligence in qualification, as she provided a model in hard work, after which the army entered and received the honor of service, after the girls got the opportunity to join the military forces, and turned She later became a truck driver in the Spanish Canary Islands, despite the physical problems she was experiencing in her left body.

The inspiring journey of Spanish coach Yaiza Martin did not stop, as she later became a flight attendant, thanks to her knowledge of Italian, English and German languages, as well as her mother tongue “Spanish”. Despite the long road that Yayza took during her life, her dream with football did not stop at all, as she began her career in one of the children’s teams on the island of Tenerife, Spain, and led the local team in the popular football championship in the “Danone” Cup, and moved After that she worked in Italy, but she only worked with children (the ages), but her dream in training was greater than that, as she aimed to train a men’s team.

“I got a training exchange project, and that gave me the opportunity to move to Dubai, and there I trained a team of men called the stars (one of the academies in Dubai), and the experience was good for me, especially since the training profession for women did not exist,” says Yaiza Martin.

Spanish coach Yaiza has an opportunity to return to training in the Emirates again, after she got a tempting offer, according to the newspaper, but she has not decided her fate, as she looks forward to having children, especially because she is afraid that her age will grow more than it is, and that the passion for football will forget her a family.

I trained a men’s team at an academy in Dubai.

A traffic accident made her trapped in a wheelchair.

Her friends were ashamed to go out with her.

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