DS collaborators and system figures must be valued


The initiative of the pentastellato deputy Vittoria Casa on the secondary remuneration of school managers is creating quite a few bad moods.
Clamorous is the position taken by Senator Bianca Granato, also of the M5S, as well as negative comments in the FB groups.

In the last few hours a declaration of Rosolino Cicero, president of the national association of school leaders.

Indeed Cicero states: “Read statements by a member of a majority party who recognizes the important work done by the DS in the management of the emergency and in that relating to the planning and organization of the next school year without giving any honor and merit to those who have been and being alongside the DS – even in this holiday period – hurts and leads us to take a position based on an indisputable truth: without DS collaborators and system figures everything would have been and will be impossible! ”

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To assess the effective relevance of the work of the collaborators, in the past weeks the Ancodis has distributed a questionnaire in schools on the topic “The DS Collaborator, an indispensable resource for the functioning of educational institutions (… but ignored by political decision-makers and trade unions)

“The results of the questionnaire – underlines Rosolino Cicero – demonstrate the strategic role of the DS collaborators and the system figures, since the DS has objective difficulties in managing the multiplicity and complexity of the commitments connected with the exercise of its functions. These are teachers who, in addition to the didactic activity, contribute concretely to carry out the act of address elaborated by the DS and thanks to the combination of training (albeit not mandatory!) / Professionalism contribute to the realization of the identity of the IS in terms of management and organization of processes and resources “.

The conclusion is a foregone conclusion: according to the Ancodis, an adequate contractual enhancement of system figures and collaborators in particular is required.
“If attention is not given to the role and just contractual recognition of the work done by the collaborators of the DS and the system figures – Cicero concludes – the Ancodis will activate any form of protest until the abstention from service in the coming weeks, taking full advantage of the contractually provided holidays (often not fully used) “

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