Druckmann shares threats received for The Last of Us – Part II: important to show them


There is an extremism of the importance of the self, above any other self, which is becoming difficult to miss recently. Definitely, it is difficult not to notice in the case of The Last of Us – Part II, considering that in the past few hours the actress Laura Bailey had highlighted the horrible threats received by fans (is that the right word? ed) were disappointed by the game and, in particular, by the very existence of his character.

Today, Neil Druckmann has decided to do the same. Game director and vice president of Naughty Dog has decided to put together some of the embarrassing messages received by those who believe they have not appreciated certain choices made on fake characters, in a fake world, for a story that never happened, you deserve complaints of this kind.

Warning! The rest of the article contains huge spoilers from The Last of Us – Part II. We recommend that you stop reading immediately if you do not want anticipations. We also add that the following text contains heavy insults and vulgarity, which we will censure. We hope this does not offend the sensitivity of our readers.

«You can love or hate a video game and share your thoughts about it» Druckmann began. “Unfortunately, too many of these messages we are receiving are vile, hateful and violent. These are only a handful, I think it is important that they are put in the sunlight. I warn you that they contain transophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism and so on. “

Follow the words of Druckmann some horrid messages, which we translate in the vain attempt to give them a decoration that they do not even have in the distant, but for the duty of information to our readers. In one, we read «Fot ** you piece of me ** a, you ruined one of the best games ever. You killed Joel and Ellie killed by a trans ** me, and then you play as that shit. The only people who have to go to hell more than you are the disgusting shemale, pieces of human trash, damn star ***. “

If, we don’t know how, you really want to keep reading, someone writes «Crack, feminist radical, I hope COVID-19 will kill you», another adds “I’d pay any money to leave this guy [Druckmann, ndr] to die slowly and painfully ». It’s still, “I hope real fans will kill you, you and that Westworld tr ** a [in riferimento alla scrittrice Halley Gross, ndr]. Crack.” And finally, “It’s all your fault, piece of Israeli m. What could we expect from this homeless Jew? Die, f **** o. “

We will never tire of repeating that these are comments triggered by people who evidently have problems far greater than the contents of a video game, relating to events involving a narrative work that is the result of the ingenuity of its author and therefore therefore only this is free to decide what to do with it.

The demonstrations of violent dissent we have witnessed in the last couple of years regarding mass media content are reaching worrying heights of senseless hatred – and if it is true that, fortunately, Naughty Dog is a company large enough and structured not to being frightened by this type of stance to limit her future creative ideas, let’s imagine if something similar should happen to a smaller team, who would perhaps find themselves frightened to express his vision for his next work due to the social violence and bullying.

The official Naughty Dog comment

Regarding these messages, Naughty Dog also expressed himself with an official note, in which he writes:

Although we always welcome critical discussions, we condemn any form of harassment or threat to our team and cast. Their safety is our top priority, but we must all work together to cut this type of behavior out and maintain constructive and understanding speech.

The feeling is that, in short, a video game like The Last of Us – Part II, which speaks of human beings at times all too human, served as bread. And the most bitter one is that he painted the apathy and the divisions that separate those same human beings as even better than they are in reality.

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