Dries Roelvink still good friends with Sven Kockelmann


“We talk or text each other almost every day,” Dries says when asked, laughing. “I played a new cover of Gilbert O’Sullivan per app yesterday that I sing during the corona proof dinner show. He loved it. And on Monday afternoon Sven called for some aftercare. Then he asked me very paternally: Are you all right, because you shot quite full when you said goodbye. ”

Dries hasn’t really fallen into a real black hole after saying goodbye last week. “I am very busy studying new repertoire, old songs by Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra and Tom Jones. But it was very much in my system. In the morning I see that writing pad again with that Mont Blanc pen where I always co-wrote my pieces. I still have to get used to the fact that it is no longer there. ”

The columns have delivered a lot in the past two years, says Dries proudly. “I suffered from image damage, from photos with a swimsuit, and from the wrong role in a movie,” he confesses. “The image stuck to me: can that man think too? Can he put anything on paper at all?” Nobody doubts that now.

In addition, the folk singer came into contact via NPO Radio 1 with big names such as Hans de Boer and Mart Smeets, who spoke to him lovingly at the farewell last week. “I used to get called out on the street because of my songs,” the singer laughs. “But nowadays it is only because of my columns.” I love you so much, “strangers suddenly tell me. Or: I make sure that I get in the car by noon every day so that I can hear you. I am quite proud that people have been able to enjoy my bits. ”

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