draws 14 July 2020 live with winning numbers and Simbolotto (Video)


The extractions of SuperEnalotto and Lotto in live video with all the numbers drawn today, Tuesday 14 July 2020. Starting from 8 p.m. draws in real time with the winning numbers of the Lotto game, SuperEnalotto e 10eLotto. Space also for the competitions of the Simbolotto and the daily draw of the Million Day and the competition VinciCasa.

The live video of the main competitions of the Italian lottery is set at 20, to follow live the extraction of all the numbers of the wheels of the Lotto and the winning combination of the Simbolotto with the five numbers drawn the appointment is after 8 pm.

To learn more: Today’s SuperEnalotto winning combination: the numbers drawn

Lotto Game draws live video today 14 July 2020: the winning numbers

To watch the live video extractions the official Lottomatica website hosts the player video to follow live the numbers drawn on the wheels of the Lotto Game and the winning symbols of the connected competition. Below the video with the replica of thelast draw and the links to consult all the winning numbers for the main lottery competitions in Italy during the last draw.

The video of the last draw of the Lotto Game, here are the numbers drawn during the last live presented by Serena Garitta, winner of Big Brother and sent by Canale 5.

Recall that the direct with i winning Lotto numbers simultaneously from the extraction rooms of Milan, Rome and Naples they are transmitted every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7.45 to 8.15 pm in live streaming on the official website of the Lotto Game www.giocodellotto.it, lottomaticaitalia.it and on the My Lotteries App.

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