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A few days have already passed since ban from Twitch of Dr DisRespect, stage name of Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV. Too many, for the speed with which information travels today, and there are now those who despair of knowing once and for all the truth. Whether you are interested in the personal story of this singular individual, let’s take stock of the situation.

Seconds some, perhaps we will never know the reason for the ban by Dr DisRespect, received on Twitch like a real lightning bolt. This is, among others, the portal’s belief Forbes, which is rightly based on the recent story related to Donald Trump. As you know, Trump was also banned by Twitch, but in this case the platform immediately provided detailed information: that is, he clarified why and how the ban was reached, especially because of the president’s hatred words.

Not so, however, for Dr DisRespect: he will certainly not be the president of the United States, but in the world of streamer however, he plays an “important” role, he is a famous, charismatic, well-known personality. Because in the case of Dr DisRespect nobody gave reasons concrete? Why is there no data?

Fans of the plot, or at least the most mischievous, have alluded several times to alleged sexual harassment: this would explain not only the direct ban of Twitch, but also the desire to talk about the story as little as possible. Not even Dr DisRespect has clarified the matter, limiting himself to confirming the permanent suspension of his account. Will we ever know the truth?

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