Dozens of arrests in Belgrade, injured and reporters attacked




Dozens of arrests in Belgrade, injured and reporters attacked

Another night of protests and tensions in the streets of Belgrade. Dozens of people, at least 70 according to some local media, were arrested by the police in the last hours of yesterday after a violent group of demonstrators confronted peaceful demonstrators and clashed with agents in front of Parliament, also attacking journalists and operators. A group of demonstrators broke into Parliament and to end the violence – an authentic guerrilla war with the throwing of bottles, stones and firecrackers – the police responded with charges, batons and tear gas. The local newspaper Blic speaks of several wounded. The main demonstration, however, went on peacefully.

Protests erupted last Tuesday when President Aleksandar Vucic announced new restrictive measures to contain the wave of infections due to the coronavirus pandemic. Citizens accuse the government of lying about the data to go to the polls on June 21st.

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