Doutzen Kroes makes himself heard again after questionable post


In her earlier post, Doutzen suggested that the media, the pharmaceutical industry, governments and large companies pursue wrong motives in these dark times. “My questions are: do they want us to be healthy? Why is boosting our immune system with vitamins and nutrients rich in nutrients not part of the fight against corona? Do they want us to be united or divided? ”

The model, which previously ‘thanked’ the coronavirus, got a lot of negativity over it as a result of the above message, and that, in her opinion, is completely unnecessary. “We don’t have to agree to be nice to each other,” she places as an inspiring quote on her Instagram.

She also shares a less peaceful message in her Stories. Doutzen gives her followers a sound clip of stand-up comedian Daniël Arends, with a photo where he raises his middle finger. “Because you are never sure, there is always a very good reason to be shut up just to be sure,” it can be heard.

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