“Doctors who post bikini photos are not professional” | Abroad


The piece, largely composed by men, reads that “potentially unprofessional content” includes holding or consuming alcohol and inappropriate clothing, such as wearing underwear, provocative Halloween costumes and provocative bikini / swimwear poses.

And that has shot many doctors in the wrong throat. They massively post photos of themselves in a swimming outfit on Twitter, accompanied by #MedBikini.

“I want my patients to trust and respect me, and some of that can be influenced by social media presence,” Lauren Agoubi, 28, tells the New York Post. “But the point is that three men do not determine what is unprofessional and what is not.”

Two of the authors, Thomas Cheng and Jeffrey Siracuse, have apologized on Twitter. “Our intention was to make doctors more aware. (…) We are sorry that young doctors feel attacked and that we were biased. ”

Incidentally, the research is not only about female doctors.

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